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 HATS - Black, white, red & pink available

IMG 0120                                     P1000932BlkHat   HATS BANDS

BOOTS - Assorted styles, prices & sizes available - Red & pink boots sold out - Tan & black available

  P1000926WhtHtPnkBoots  ABrownCrossWEB1 Copy ARedcrossWEB1 Copy P1000867WhtHatBrwnBoots

P1000941Bootstraps   BOOT STRAPS    boot jack22 Copy   BOOT JACKS

P1000929BlkHornTurquoise  JEWELLERY - Assorted Necklace and earing sets.

Price List
      ITEM      Type      Color      Price
  HATS   Faux felt   Red, Black        $25.00
  HATS   Straw   White    $25.00
  HAT BANDS   Double Strand   Crystal    $45.00
  BOOT BRACELET   Double Strand   Crystal    $30.00
  NECKLACE & EARRING SETS       Bamboo & Turquoise          $20.00
  NECKLACE & EARRING SETS    Heart   Black    $15.00
  NECKLACE   Heart   Black    $ 8.00
  EARRINGS   Heart   Black    $ 8.00
  BOOT JACK        $10.00
  HAT BANDS   Feather or Conchos      $17.00
  HAT BANDS   Concho & Turquoise      $10.00
  BOOTS   Assorted brand, sizes, prices & colors available  Contact Robyn Ward at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.